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pa-equipped studios with low hourly and monthly rates * private studios with 24/7 access

designed for musicians, dancers, photographers, videographers, theatre groups and artists.

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Lockable sheds are available so you don't have to haul your stuff to/from practice each week.

Individual metal 4'x5'x6' sheds with lockable sliding doors.  Secure and convenient.  Gear is located a few feet from your rehearsal room and the load-in door.  Locks provided, and carts to move gear between shed and studio.


FREE with your active Band Membership  

$50/month payable in advance without a membership,

$5/overnight, and if paid in arrears,

$25/month with SOLO Membership

Storage is only free while your band membership is active, so if you let the membership lapse, please come get your stuff and return the lock to the front desk. If you don't, you will be charged $5/night until membership is renewed or your items are picked up.

Storage left unpaid after 90 days is considered abandoned, and will be disposed of.


We also rent private studios where you leave your stuff set up 24/7 in a room that only you access. Private renters have a key to their floor of the building, and to their own studio. See rooms for details.


Its always a good idea to keep an up-to-date list of gear for your insurance agent. Serial numbers, photo and video documentation are great. Because we are a licensed rehearsal hall, your existing homeowner's or renter's policy should easily cover your gear kept at this location without an additional premium.  It is your responsibility to discuss it with your agent, but all you have to do is give your current insurer our address, and a list of items that you plan to store here. Then you're covered!  

We take every precaution to run a tight joint and have not had an incident result in a claim since day one when we opened  Utopia or even Berzerker Studios in 1/02.  Regardless, as a pro musician you ought to have your own coverage.

Every main hall studio comes equipped with a vocal PA & 2 mics/cables. Anything else you need? Just ask!

BOOKINGS:  Call 314.773.3660 or email to book a session or reserve items for your session.


all rental fees are per session, onsite use only

cable - $1
xlr, quarter inch, eighth/RCA, mini/quarter, power, etc...
extra mic - $1
stand - $1 mic, music, straight, boom, guitar, or keyboard
isolation headphones - $5
keyboard - $10, or $15 with keyboard amp (you must use an amp with any instrument. no plugging into the vocal pa.)

full drum kit - $30
4-piece or 5-piece with kick pedal, hi hat and crash/ride
partial kit - $10
kick drum w/ tom, floor tom, throne.
no cymbals, stands, snare or kick pedal.
cymbal - $10
hi-hat, crash, ride or china with stand.
congas - $10
set of two with stand.
individual percussion items - $5 snare drum with stand, throne,
floor tom, or double kick pedal.
single kick pedal - $2
sticks - $1

half stack - $20

4x12 Ampeg cab with Peavey Supreme 160 or 1x15 Cab w Ultrabass BX3000t

combo amp - $10
2x12" Crate 120w guitar amp,
1x15" Workingman 200w bass amp, or
1x15” Peavey KB100 75w keyboard amp

guitar - $10
epiphone sg guitar
ibanez bass guitar
strap or cord - $1

acoustic piano
available in studio 5 with room rental at no extra charge.

electric organ
available in studio 0 with room rental at no extra charge.

isolation gobos
3 available at no extra charge.

small selection of sundries for sale at front desk: strings, drumheads, batteries, earplugs, picks, drum keys, tape, aspirin, etc.

A drinking fountain is located near the load-in doors.  Bathrooms are next to the front door and also downstairs.

a case of releases is for sale in the lounge --both local and worldwide artists. show some support--you know what to do!