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HOURS: 6pm-2am daily. Closed most major holidays. 

Day bookings are available with 24+ hour advance notice and 50% deposit, for $25/hour.

Want a TOUR of the facility? Just call 314.773.3660 for an appt, email, or drop by at 6pm any night of the week.

LOCATION: 3957 Park Ave, St. Louis MO 63110

CONTACT: 314.773.3660,

THE NEIGHBORHOOD: We love our hood!  Originally known as "Tobacco Row", the old Starr Tobacco towers still loom overhead, and trains which served the industry still chug past along the old tracks.  Utopia Studios building was built by the American Tobacco Company prior to 1904. SLU, Cardinal Glennon hospital, MO Botanical Garden, the South Grand business district, Grand Center, The Grove, Tower Grove Park, the CWE, and S. Grand MetroLink station are all within easy biking distance.

First check the availability of your band members, then call the studio with the timeslots you wish to reserve.  If you give at least a day's notice, it is more than likely that you will get in the exact times you want. 


Call 314.773.3660 or email

If leaving a voice mail booking, please state start-and-end times desired (otherwise we put you down for 2 hours, the minimum session length). 


Specify if you need a particular room (and if so, be prepared to pay an extra $2/hour for the guarantee of that room); otherwise we will assume that any PA-equipped room will suffice. 


Leave your name, band name, contact number and the date/times (start and end) you are reserving. 


You will be charged for the time you reserve AND the time you actually use, so try to be on time.  If you cannot decide whether you need 3 or 4 hours, book 3 hours so you won't be obligated to pay for 4.  Then, if you discover that you want to stay longer, that is fine as long as someone else is not booked in after you.  If that is a problem for you, go ahead and book 4 hours, just to be sure.  It is your choice.  We cannot reserve time for you and not charge for that time, any more than we would confirm your reservation for 7-10 Wed, then give your timeslot to another band instead. 

NO charge--as long as 24-hours or more notice is given. 

For no-shows and same-day cancellations, the hourly session fee is due on your next visit.  When booking time, be aware that you are requesting a GUARANTEED timeslot to be reserved for you, regardless of whether you actually use it or not.  Cancellations = lost revenue from you plus additional bookings that we may have turned down on your behalf. 

Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover American Express.  All payments due before or at time of service.


10% of total amount due, followed by $5/day thereafter if still not paid.



Include time to setup and breakdown when you book your session. 

A 15-minute grace period is allowed for setup if the room is vacant prior to session start time and the studio is already open.  This does not mean you can get in at 5:45 when we open at 6pm but it does mean that you can load in at 6:45 when you are booked to begin at 7pm. Sessions are booked 'back-to-back' so when you schedule till 9pm, please have the room ready for the next session by 9pm in the PRECISE condition you found it.   You will be charged for all time that the room is occupied past your scheduled timeslot.  Please return chairs, stands, etc to their original location.  Mics and cables checked out are to be returned to the front desk. Thank you. 


NO CHILDREN allowed under age 16, unless they are rehearsing.  Bringing children to a rehearsal hall is a bad idea for many reasons.  It's very loud for their sensitive ears.  It's dirty.  It's potentially dangerous, with things to trip and hurt themselves on.  There may be obscene language or adult-themed songs being rehearsed in the room next door.  We have no daycare facilities.  If other customers wanted to hear kids screaming and running down the hall, they would rehearse at their own house.  Please be considerate to other groups and to your kids, and leave them home. Thank you.


NO PETS; sorry!  We love animals, but other customers may have allergies or phobias. 

NO WEAPONS, NO DRUGS.  We don't care what you take as long as you don't bring it here
HAVE RESPECT: CLEAN UP after yourself!  Take responsibility for damages and return the space to the condition in which it was found.  We will take out the trash after you.  We do NOT want to pick your trash off the floor or rearrange the furniture and equipment . 
GUESTS: Use the studio to audition, network, showcase for a label rep, conduct all band-related biz, shoot photos/video, or just hang out.  Your guests are welcome. Anyone acting obnoxious will be asked to leave.

PRIVACY: Please DO NOT intrude on another band rehearsing.





From 40/64:  Exit Grand, head south.  Turn west (right) on Park Ave.  Curve behind the hospital and turn (left) at the stop sign (also Park Ave).  Pass through 39th St.  The studio is the third building on your right (north), just past Park Warehouse Services.  


Alternate route from 40/64E is to exit Vandeventer and turn south (right) on Vandeventer. Take your first Left at Chouteau (just before the White Castle), then turn Right onto 39th St. Go 4 blocks down 39th, Right on Park Ave.

From 44:  Exit Grand, head north.  Turn west (left) on Park Ave (behind the hospital).  Turn west (left) on Park Ave again. The studio is the third building on the north side (right), past 39th St.

From 55:  Take 55 to 44 West to Grand, as above.







Tourbus, trailer, and RV-friendly offstreet parking with ground level and dock-height loading options.  Free private parking lot in front of building.  Ground-level load-in available at the east entrance. 





.Photos by TC Gore; except live performance shots by Alumbaugh Photography. Site by Amy Harrison.